Australian Photography Awards 2022

I am so delighted to announce that I won the experimental category at the Australian Photography Awards 2022. I had the most wonderful weekend meeting so many new people in the photographic community and listening to some amazing and inspiring guest speakers. Thank you to the Photo Collective team (Harriet, Tom and Gus) for creating such a warm and inclusive event, I loved every minute of it. Videos from the weekend can be viewed here

One thought on “Australian Photography Awards 2022

  1. Hello Arrayah, Congratulations on your most recent award. My name is Melbourne Loynd and I am a 74 year old photographer living in Jakarta. I was born in the UK.I did attempt to contact you a few years ago. I am just wondering if we have a family connection since Loynd is quite an unusual surname? I’m wondering if a member of the Loynd family emigrated to Australia some years ago? My website is WhatsApp +628158900054 Good luck with your future endeavours…. Best regards, Melbourne

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