More or less (in)complete

“A woman is like white cloth: once soiled, it can be washed but never made clean again.”

Khmer proverb

Shame is a construct created to disempower.

This series of images was created as a direct response to current events, from personal experience and the ongoing observation of how society is evolving (or devolving) to respond to female autonomy of body, mind, desire and sexuality. It is a statement on how societal attitudes ‘stain’ women in ways that are not always visible but are always felt. Looking at patriarchal control, the impact of modern day misogyny and the abuse of power and privilege, this series is a visceral and personal exploration of what it is to be woman.

All images ©Arrayah Loynd 2021

All images are inkjet prints on archival cotton rag and available to purchase in limited editions of 8 + 2AP

All exhibition opening images by Deborah Dorman