Arrayah is a visual artist whose work centres around photography.

Pushing the boundaries of the captured image, Arrayah explores contemporary concepts that challenges the viewer. She creates moments of discomfort and/or recognition that may lead to opportunities for deeper contemplation and dialogue from a feminist perspective.

Arrayah works as a freelance artist, private tutor and has lectured in photography at RMIT and currently lectures in photography at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Nillumbik Prize for Contemporary Art finalist 2021

Nillumbik Art Prize finalist 2013



A new project that continues the exploration of what it is to be woman, particularly focusing on the invisibility of older women in society. More shoots to come…just at the beginning.


‘Difficult’ is a project inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, ‘They shut me up in Prose’, and the way language and words are used against women to silence their voice and quell dissension. The women involved in this project embody strength and are not afraid to use their voice to empower themselves and others. The long term goal of this project is to include a more diverse and intersectional response to the female experience in relation to gendered language and power. It has been limited up to this date due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Secrets. We all have secrets. Hidden, just below the surface…

All images ©Arrayah Loynd