An Article in The Age newspaper…

Very excited to have a feature article in this weeks Sunday Age! They heard about the book and contacted us earlier this week to organise an interview and photoshoot at the market. We managed to round up several of the stall holders and their products and you can see all of the images on The Age website below.


(The Age article by Carolyn Webb and images by Chris Hopkins)

The book “Meet me at Market…

And here is the book….finished, printed and selling fast!

We have done a limited edition print run so once they are all sold that will be it! Take a look at our Facebook page for more info.

You can purchase a copy of the book via the link below or, if you are local, head out to our stall at St Andrews Market and come and say hello!

working on layout from the book

working on layout from the book

working on a layout from the book

working on a layout from the book

Final proofing before print

Final proofing before print

The book cover

The book cover

Purchase the book here –

decisions, decisions…

Jo and I are slowly feeling our way around how to publish our book. So many things to think about! Do we find a publisher or self publish? Apply for grants or crowd fund?…….and on and on and on!! It isn’t an area we are familiar with but we are determined to see our project to completion. Almost there now. Here is a bit of a mock up of one of the pages that I just did.

Winter in St Andrews…


Winter, my favourite time of the year. A time to really enjoy catching up with all the locals that come to the market week in and week out. Jo and I spend a good 4 hours here each week… nourishes the soul and keeps us connected to the small rural community that we live in. Market time is our time. No husbands, no kids, no thinking about anything else except relaxing. Absolute bliss!

Here are a few of my favourite stalls that are part of my weekly ritual ‘market time’. First up, my veggie shopping. Then up the hill a bit for breakfast at the Thai stall (the best satay sauce in the southern hemisphere!) The penultimate destination is the Chai Tent with a hot, spicy cup of Chai from Robbie. Lots of time spent here for talking, laughing and watching the world go by.

St Andrews Market Project, an update…

Jo and I are getting to the end of our market project and I now need to start sorting through the hundreds of photos that I have taken over the last year. It will be sad to bring it to an end, but, in a sense, it is just the beginning. Next…….the book!

A Potters Dream……of Dr Who

What have I been up to since finishing my studies 2 weeks ago?
Well, I had a pyjama day that lasted a week, not to mention copious amounts of home brewed chai, many classic movies and a cinema outing to watch the 50th anniversary ep of Dr Who in 3D (the only day I actually got dressed!)

Alas, that wasn’t to last. My good friend Jo (who I am doing the St Andrews Project with) got me off my behind toot sweet! Earlier this week we were up in the Strathbogie Ranges doing an interview with Jeannie and Bill, potters that have been at the market for 16 years. We had the most awesome day! Coffee and cake in Yea in the morning and then lunch….and then more coffee and cake in the afternoon. Well, it wasn’t all about food! We spent four hours with two of the loveliest people I have ever met. Jeannie’s potting shed is like something from another century with the only concession to modernity being an electric wheel and a light globe. It was a photographer’s dream! And it really does warm the cockles to see creative people that have and still do make a full time living from their craft. The images here are just a little viewing from the upcoming book but I really wanted to share their little idyll up in the hills of country Victoria.


On another note, our (NMIT) graduation exhibition is currently showing at Chapel off Chapel Gallery in Prahran. Here is a video by Thomas Lim of the opening night.

St Andrew’s Market…

“St Andrew’s Market” is an ongoing ‘slow’ project, a collaboration between myself and Anthropologist, Jo Skuse. The bush market is a weekly ritual for us both and our love of this local treasure, and the people behind it, is what inspired us to embark on this joint project. We interview one person a week, sitting down with a nice hot chai and a voice recorder for 30 minutes. What emerges are stories of connection, community and an enduring love of the market, it’s people and environment. The market celebrated its 40th birthday this year and we hope that we can add to that ongoing history with our collection of stories and images.

You can see more images for this post in my Web Gallery under Projects

Updates on the BOOK will be posted on the Blog…