I am seriously getting itchy feet, the creative kind! I am almost ready to get started on my next conceptual project, but, until then, I have to make do with playing around with some old images. I have used VSCO on these ones….just for something different.



The laudanum Project

(…and here is my full group photo of the Laudanums)


The Laudanum Project would like to introduce you to Sandrine Moreaux. Sandrine is not like other girls. She is complicated. Very complicated. In the year of 1920 Sandrine arrived on the streets of Paris searching for the divine temple of her obsessions – the infamous Théâtre Du Grand Guignol. What she found therein was a terrifying reflection of her own yearnings and dreams that rendered her transformed, reborn but above all beautiful, so very beautiful.

The Grand Guignol Automaton is coming to the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival this September.



One Small Step…

Jordan…..imaginative, bright, a big dreamer. This shoot was the most fun I have had in ages! There were so many costume changes and he truly embodied each character with such conviction that it was easy to be caught up in the magic of it all. My inner child was having a ball!

This one was my favourite and I think it was Jordan’s too. His dream of becoming an astronaut is so firmly set in his mind that he has even investigated everything that he needs to do to get there. But who knows….another costume change and another dream. Why be limited to just one?

Death Row…

One of my favourite images for many reasons, this little photographic montage was created for a visual communication class in early 2012. The process of creating this image really helped my mind to open up to the possibilities of using photography as an artistic medium. It was the moment where I realised that I could actually use photography to construct externally that which was fertilised within my imagination, as opposed to just capturing something that was seen or already there. I had finally found the means with  which to express and make sense of the internal. Oh happy days! And it was the first image that I actually sold in a gallery.