One Small Step…

Jordan…..imaginative, bright, a big dreamer. This shoot was the most fun I have had in ages! There were so many costume changes and he truly embodied each character with such conviction that it was easy to be caught up in the magic of it all. My inner child was having a ball!

This one was my favourite and I think it was Jordan’s too. His dream of becoming an astronaut is so firmly set in his mind that he has even investigated everything that he needs to do to get there. But who knows….another costume change and another dream. Why be limited to just one?


This is another image that was shot for the ‘1-10’ exhibition last year. Heidi was very comfortable in front of the camera and loved playing up for each shot. I really wanted to capture a moment where she wasn’t actually aware of the camera, to find a moment of stillness, softness and vulnerability.

I actually love this image and find myself staring at it quite often. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was that intrigued me so much about Heidi until my mother, upon seeing it in print, asked if it was an old photo of me!

I kept the image hidden from Heidi’s mother until the opening of the exhibition. I wanted it to be a surprise and for her to see it at its best, and when she saw it on the wall, she actually cried. That is enough to give anyone a warm fuzzy feeling.

Nate, age 5…

This image of Nate was shot specifically for a group exhibition last year. Entitled “1 to 10”, the exhibition involved 10 photographers covering the ages 1 through 10. I was given age 5. I didn’t know Nate at all when I took this image, which can be a little challenging when they are as shy as he was. Once I had him talking about star wars, though (he likes the baddies best), he started to become a little more relaxed and I ended up with an interesting shot.

Lighting – one flash head shot through a large square soft box, right of camera at 45 degree angle.