All learning sessions are held in a safe and supportive environment 

Private tuition and small group learning sessions now available:

  • Photoshop – Targeted one on one or group learning sessions to understand and implement non destructive editing workflows and techniques to enhance your images like a pro!
  • Process to Print – learn how to edit and process your images to create luminous fine art prints
  • Folio/exhibition development – support in creating a cohesive body of work for your folio or exhibition
  • Photo books – learn how to tell stories through photographic imagery. Create a Blurb book in Lightroom

 INTRO TO PHOTOSHOP –  Learn how to process your images like a pro! 

  • RAW file processing with Lightroom and Camera RAW
  • Efficient workflow and non-destructive editing techniques
  • Photoshop tools and techniques to develop and enhance your images
  • Understanding how to use masks effectively for local adjustments
  • Setting up your files correctly for online use and printing at labs

INTERMEDIATE PHOTOSHOP – Take your image making to a whole new level!

  • Image analysis and how to construct a powerful image through the use of composition, light, colour and tone
  • Understanding the power of curves
  • Advanced selection and masking techniques
  • And much more

For all enquiries go tContact page

AN EXAMPLE OF THE POWER OF PHOTOSHOP TO LIFT YOUR IMAGES TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!  – The clients below came in with a very clear brief on how they wanted the image to look – colourful/saturated, lush, really busy but still keeping the focus on the trio of musicians. The first image is the RAW file as captured. It was processed to look slightly flatter in RAW processing, ready for working on in Photoshop. The second image is the processed and enhanced version through Photoshop using Curves to control the tones and Hue/Saturation to change and intensify colour. The final image was created using non-destructive editing techniques in Photoshop and includes a ‘head transplant’ and the removal of distracting elements in the background.

_DSC4040 as Smart Object-1tea set_LR_sRGB

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