Italia by iphone…

I travelled to Italy in December/January 2015/16 with 2 of my sisters, no kids or husbands allowed! We hired ourselves an Alpha Romeo and took off down the Amalfi coast and slowly made our way all the way up to Venice. It was an amazing trip with lots of laughter, food, wine and yes, even a bit of sunshine! I very quickly got sick of lugging my heavy camera around with me so ended up shooting most of my images on my iphone. The additional help of a couple of apps (Pro Camera 8, photoshop) and the results aren’t too bad. Of course it will never replace my camera but I am happy with some of the results.

Our cousin Pete joined us for a few days in Roma and we decided to recreate an old photo of the 3 of us in our Grandfathers garden in the UK from around 1972 (Ang, the third sister, wasn’t born at this point so she took the photo). Below – Peter, Maxine, Arrayah



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