Baldessin Press Student Workshop

Each year Silvi Glattauer, of Baldessin Press, invites students from Melbourne Polytechnic and RMIT for a day of photogravure magic. This year we had nearly 40 of my students over 2 days inking up plates and printing beautifully detailed images onto fine art papers.

Silvi created the printing plates from the students black and white digital files. The images are printed directly onto light sensitive photo-polymer printing plates ready to be inked and put through the traditional print press. You can see the fine tonal detail that this produces in the images below.

Thanks to Baldessin Press, Silvi Glattauer and all of the students for a fabulous day of creativity, good food and joyous company!

Until next year!!

(The photos were taken with my iphone so the quality is not great)

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