Mobile phone photo-walk in Melbourne…

Street photography is not one of my creative strong points. And I barely know how to use my iphone!

So what do I do? I go to Urban Artistry, in Collingwood, Melbourne, for an artists talk and photo-walk sponsored by EyeEm.

Thomas Lim is an incredible mobile phone photographer with many accolades and awards under his belt. Maurizio Salvati is an experienced street photographer with an eye for the unusual and more front than Myer! And photographer Richard is a beautiful soul with a big heart and generous spirit.

We were treated to a show and tell at the studio (thanks Richard!) followed by an urban expedition out into the streets of Collingwood, armed with nothing but our iphones, procamera 8 and EyeEm apps.

For those that know me well know that I am so singularly focused in everything I do (no multi-tasking for me!). So I got stuck on one reflection in one window and really didn’t get much further down the street than that.

I only got a few images shot before the vietnamese restaurant beckoned me with promise of sugar cane prawns…yum!

Make sure you check out Thomas, Maurizio and Richards work in the links below




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