A Potters Dream……of Dr Who

What have I been up to since finishing my studies 2 weeks ago?
Well, I had a pyjama day that lasted a week, not to mention copious amounts of home brewed chai, many classic movies and a cinema outing to watch the 50th anniversary ep of Dr Who in 3D (the only day I actually got dressed!)

Alas, that wasn’t to last. My good friend Jo (who I am doing the St Andrews Project with) got me off my behind toot sweet! Earlier this week we were up in the Strathbogie Ranges doing an interview with Jeannie and Bill, potters that have been at the market for 16 years. We had the most awesome day! Coffee and cake in Yea in the morning and then lunch….and then more coffee and cake in the afternoon. Well, it wasn’t all about food! We spent four hours with two of the loveliest people I have ever met. Jeannie’s potting shed is like something from another century with the only concession to modernity being an electric wheel and a light globe. It was a photographer’s dream! And it really does warm the cockles to see creative people that have and still do make a full time living from their craft. The images here are just a little viewing from the upcoming book but I really wanted to share their little idyll up in the hills of country Victoria.


On another note, our (NMIT) graduation exhibition is currently showing at Chapel off Chapel Gallery in Prahran. Here is a video by Thomas Lim of the opening night.

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