St Andrew’s Market…

“St Andrew’s Market” is an ongoing ‘slow’ project, a collaboration between myself and Anthropologist, Jo Skuse. The bush market is a weekly ritual for us both and our love of this local treasure, and the people behind it, is what inspired us to embark on this joint project. We interview one person a week, sitting down with a nice hot chai and a voice recorder for 30 minutes. What emerges are stories of connection, community and an enduring love of the market, it’s people and environment. The market celebrated its 40th birthday this year and we hope that we can add to that ongoing history with our collection of stories and images.

You can see more images for this post in my Web Gallery under Projects

Updates on the BOOK will be posted on the Blog…

4 thoughts on “St Andrew’s Market…

  1. I was there today but didn’t see you 😦 maybe next time xx
    Consolation was the best Gluten free fruit and seed muffin !

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